Resounding Voices Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Singer
Attend 10 Tuesday morning rehearsals.

  • Partner with and be a guide during rehearsals to an individual living with dementia.

  • Provide feedback to chorus director about helpful adaptations.

  • Participate in the social times.

  • Practice music outside of rehearsal time.

  • Attend and perform in the session concert.

Office Support

  • Help put together binders, nametags and rehearsal materials.

  • Help put together concert materials.

  • Help with other office projects as needed.

Music Adaptation and Copyright Assistant

  • Assist Music Director with musical adaptation. Experience with voice-part writing and music writing software beneficial.

  • Research license fees.

Rehearsal Support
*Minimum commitment of four consecutive weeks, a longer commitment is preferred.

  • Help serve coffee and snacks.

  • Greet and assist members as they arrive.

  • Help set up, serve and clean up snacks and beverages area.

  • Help with set up and tear down of chorus area.

  • Pick up refreshments and treats.

  • Assist with watching entrances to assure members are helped as needed.

Concert Support

  • Help with production elements for the public performances: sound, lights, tech support, etc.

  • Other positions include, but not limited to: ushers, greeters, snack setup and cleanup, décor, information table.

Fundraising & Grant Writing

  • Serve on a committee for a fundraising event.

  • Seek out grant and funding opportunities in partnership with Resounding Voices Chorus leadership.

  • Help write grants.

Videographer & Photographer

  • Attend rehearsals and work with leadership on video and photography ideas.

  • Gather appropriate footage and create photo gallery for social media and other marketing.

In-Kind Donations

  • If you would like to donate something to the Resounding Voices Chorus program such as rehearsal materials or copier services, please let us know.


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